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Design Nail

Private Label & Custom

Private Label / Retail Products 

Design Nail manufactures private label nail care products for the retail health and beauty industry. Our customers' private label products are some of the best known brands in the market and can be found in virtually every form of retail distribution, from mass market stores to infomercials. With our in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities, we can manage your projects, shorten product development and lead times and take your proprietary product requirements from concept to creation. Our capabilities include: 

  • Custom designs and shapes
  • Printing
  • Assembly
  • Displays

Custom & Promotional Nail Products

Make an impression and build your company brand awareness by including customized nail files in your marketing and advertising efforts. Our in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing allows you to create custom designs or brand name products on a per project basis.

  • Inkjet printing 
  • Custom labels
  • Custom UPC label/price ticket 
  • Shrink wrapping 
  • Bagging 
  • Custom design 
  • Color cores 
  • Pad printing